Don’t let your good be evil spoken of!

Don’t let your good be evil spoken of!

I have a commentary I would like to share. It is my own personal view so no need for anyone else to embrace it, I just felt the need to share. I find it very strange that it is offensive for someone of faith to succeed and have a beautiful home, drive in the finest of cars, dress in the designer labels most people only read about and have more than 6 figures in their bank account. Yet for an athlete to be paid millions of dollars for chasing a ball is consider awesome.

When did it become a sin to “succeed” in life? Now please hear me, I am well aware that there are those who prostitute the Word of God, and to them I have 2 words“Judgement Day”. These are not the ones to whom this commentary is directed.

I’m speaking of those who have developed multiple streams of income, to whom have embraced the Word of God and sought His counsel in business and because of it, have prospered with the “Power to obtain wealth”that He has granted them.

Just because a successful business person may also be a“Minister of the Gospel” does that give us the right to instantly put our mouth on them? Most of those who speak against this group of people would never give so much as a sandwich or bottle of water to a stranger in need on the side of the road but will immediately tell you about all the poor people who could benefit from the money that this particular group spends on themselves. However when they see the lavish living quarters of the athlete or celebrity their reaction is “that crib is fly”.

These same people who look down on the Pastor having anything nice if he/she is not working a 9-5 job would be the first to say “I’m not giving my money to the church for them to spend” however will pay $125 plus to sit in the bleacher at a ball game or concert. This money is directly benefiting those whom have the million dollar contracts who don’t even know their name. However, the Pastor who walks the floor at night in prayer calling out their name and for their families is not worthy of an offering. Personally I would not be the woman of God I am without the prayers and commitment of my Spiritual Parents/Pastors, therefore there is nothing too good for them. While people are running around tripping on what they may have or receive, I am looking for ways to be an even greater blessing in their lives. Somehow to sow into the life of someone who has chosen to stand on the front line against the wiles of the enemy on my behalf seems to be the right thing to do. But again,that’s just me.

It would be remiss of me not to interject here that there are “so called people of God” who have taken advantage of those who sit under their teaching. I understand many have been hurt badly because of their antics and they have definitely misrepresented clergy. Please don’t judge the masses by the undoing of the few and NEVER judge God by man’s corrupted standards. It is vital that you allow God to plant you in a good home/school to learn of Him. Don’t just go find a church seek HIS council. (Sorry, took a little rabbit trail there 😉 )

I have seen so many postings on Facebook and blogs calling these men and women of the cloth blasphemers because they have things and I am a bit confused by it in all honesty. This is not to pump up the prosperity message that has misrepresented the Word of God and has people coming to God for only what they think they can get from Him. This is to say I believe the Word of God and the many benefits that yielding oneself to Him has.

This journey called life will take you through many valleys,up and over many hills and will even allow you to tunnel through some mountains but at the end of the day your success will be in your obedience to the voice of God. There are some who love the Lord with every fiber of their being but will never live in a palatial home. While others are destined to invoke a luxurious lifestyle. Does not mean either party loved God more than the other. We all have different paths that God has set in motion for us.

The bottom line to this commentary is to be careful how you put your mouth on anybody whether they are professing to be a child of God or not. Who are you to determine whether a person is walking in the favor of God or enjoying a momentary season that will come to an abrupt end because of idolatry.

It is none of your business what path God has chosen for someone to take. Most of those who “look successful” in your limited eyesight have walked through some very dark and bleak times. They have learned the art of living “on” faith not by choice but by necessity. Like Paul they have learned to live through the abundance and to embrace the times when they were in the season of abasement.

I categorically do not agree with every message that people preach, but I have learned to seek the face of God for which part to embrace and which part to toss away based upon the life HE has called me to. Not based on others’ lives, but God what are you speaking concerning me? We all have unique callings and anointing’s on us and require different things in our lives to fulfill our destiny. Instead of questioning the lifestyle of another, why not get before God and inquire what’s necessary for you to fulfill your purpose.

Do not let your good be evil spoken of. You may be well intended by your comments of those whom appear to be living a decadent life, but as the Word proclaims, we look at the outward appearance but God sees the heart. You don’t know anyone’s entire story except your own, so let’s stick to what we know and not speculate about what we think.

God’s greatest blessings are before you. Seize every opportunity He has given you to show off HIS GLORY!

©Coylette James 2015

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