Don’t let your good be evil spoken of!

Coylette James - Influence Igniter

Don’t let your good be evil spoken of!

I have a commentary I would like to share. It is my own personal view so no need for anyone else to embrace it, I just felt the need to share. I find it very strange that it is offensive for someone of faith to succeed and have a beautiful home, drive in the finest of cars, dress in the designer labels most people only read about and have more than 6 figures in their bank account. Yet for an athlete to be paid millions of dollars for chasing a ball is consider awesome.

When did it become a sin to “succeed” in life? Now please hear me, I am well aware that there are those who prostitute the Word of God, and to them I have 2 words“Judgement Day”. These are not the ones to whom this commentary is directed.


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