Timing is in God’s Hand

Blessings to you my anointed Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I feel in my Spirit several of you are finding yourselves in a quandary within.  You have rehearsed all of the words that have been spoken over your lives by various servants of God and through you celebrated them at the time, you are now wondering what happened.  Why haven’t they came to pass.  You have faith in God however, nothing seems to be working according to your desires.

I stopped by today to let you know you have not been forgotten.  As leaders in the Body, most of the time, we spend so much time encouraging others that we are drained and have little left to encourage ourselves. God sees your labors and desires to fill you all the more with His strength.

Please don’t forget that it is God who causes the sun to rise and set at its appointed time.  It is in Him we move not in the timing of man.  God can never be late because He is the One who sets the appointed time.  All is well my Brothers and Sisters, simply continue to trust and believe and it shall come to pass.

We are about to enter into the High Holy days of the Jewish calender.  It would behoove you to get an understanding of these times as recorded in Leviticus 23:23-32 as God said it was to be observed through all generations.  I know we saved by grace and the law has been fulfilled through Christ, but if God said to observe something always, we might want to make a note of it.  Get with a Jewish brother or sister and ask them to give you some clarity on “Rosh HaShanah” “Days of Awe or Atonement” and “Yom Kippur” or get online and study it out for yourself.

How ofter have you thought, I must be missing something because I am not seeing the full manifestation of God’s promises?  It is time to press into God even the more and open ourselves up to what He is speaking relevant to our time of inheritance.  Don’t turn a deaf ear to the wind of God moving through the land.  Now is the time to seek Him more than ever before.

“Father I thank you for those who are transcending tradition to get into a place for Your Glory to be revealed in and through them.  Continue to show Yourself mighty in our lives as we rend our hearts before you and surrender our will to You.  To You be all Glory and Honor in Jesus’ Name!  Amen and it is so!!!!

Be Blessed Family!

Minister Coylette James 

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